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Fenti & the DAL Group

Though the game of golf in Sudan exists via historical fragments from the days of the British Empire, it is a game whose history is only now starting to be written. Back in the late 19th century golf mad Governor-General Wingate supported the game and played in Khartoum in the desert in pith helmet, suit, shirt and tie. Today the Wingate Golf Medals form part of the collection at the R&A Golf Museum in St. Andrews, with replicas proudly displayed in the Fenti clubhouse as testament to the earliest days of golf in Sudan. 

Conceived in 2007, construction started in earnest in 2008 in conjunction with course designer Peter Harradine, to make real the dream of Osama Daoud Abdellatif and the DAL Group: the creation of the world-class golf course that is Fenti Golf Club. Millions of tones of earth were moved and shaped in a colossal enterprise. Over the two years of construction, the project gave employment to more than 2,000 people in some form or other, drawn from over 40 different nationalities, with the majority being Sudanese. Today, around 70 people are involved in the day-to-day maintenance of over 90 acres of grass, 4,000 trees and countless shrubs and flowerbeds. The course lakes and connecting stream provide around 250,000m3 of water as a recycling source for the 3,000 m3 required to water the course each day. The Fenti Golf staff – many being from the neighbouring village - are all dedicated to ensuring that Fenti Golf provides an experience and level of service commensurate with the DAL Group’s commitment to excellence in all its endeavours.

The history of Fenti Golf is a brief story but it is one that gets longer and more established with each passing season. Fenti is committed not only to developing a world-class golf experience but also to developing the game of golf in Sudan. It will not be long before the history of golf here deserves a much lengthier treatment than this. But, until then, please join us in writing our club's history, one round at a time.

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